Sunday, 5 October 2014

The evolution of an idea: why Twitter rocks!

Back in September, struggling to get back into my Sunday marking routine and desperate to avoid that book, I took a quick snap of a 30 second starter I'd use the week before.

The next day, I'd received a number of requests for teachers for a copy of the worksheet, but lazy bum me just directed them to Google images...

Thankfully, some hardy souls weren't put off and made their own version. One kind teacher blogged their version, providing the Dropbox link that sloth-like me couldn't quite be bothered to.
The wonderful Amjad Ali then asked me to write up the idea for his fantastic 'teaching toolkit' blog site and, when I was too lazy to do it, did it for me.

And that's when things got really exciting.

First of all it got rebranded as 'Crowdsourcing' on this blog.

Then another teacher took the idea and turned it into an impressive display of not just one question but a whole army-full!

The idea even went cross-curricular, becoming an RE lesson!
67 favourites and 37 retweets later my throw away ten minute activity that came into being literally mid-sentence through a discussion with my Deputy is now something entirely new. 

The idea itself is not particularly remarkable. If you are interested then you'll find more details here. What was remarkable, however, were those incessant phone buzzes that resulted in the week to come. From across the country other teachers latched on to my silly little worksheet and turned it into something altogether more special.
To me those buzzes highlight just how exciting it is to be teaching in this brave new Twitter-filled work where an idea can reach outside the boundaries of one classroom and into other institutions the very next day.
I hope this blog can be a time capsule to be opened by myself and others when we're interacting with our students in this brave new world.


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